Request Samples

For the General Public, there is a $4.99 charge for up to three (3) different samples and shipping. Duplicate requests of the same sample will not be filled at time of order fulfillment.

We also offer our "Try-a-Chair" sample pack for $9.99, which will include 4 of the same item and shipping.

After submission of your Sample Request, you will receive a email with a link for payment via our payment portal.

Samples of ALL our products are available at No Charge for schools only (Does not include "Try-a-Chair" sample pack).

If you make a purchase over $100.00, after reviewing our samples, we will kindly credit your order $4.99 for your samples. "Try-a-Chair" Sample Pack not eligible for refund. (U.S. Customers Only).

Please call our office if you have any questions PRIOR to placing your order.  Please click the link for more details on our Return Policy.

You can submit your request for samples online.  Click on the "Request Samples Online" button below. 

If you prefer to talk to a live technician about your sample request, you can always call us at 561-775-2122.