Glide Caps/Covers for Chairs & Furniture with/without Felt

We have a large selection of Chair Glide Caps and Covers that are sure to help prolong the life of your chairs and floors. Our SuperFelt™ glide caps fit 95% of all chair, desk, and table fixtures and come in a variety of options and sizes. They are guaranteed to reduce the noise made by your furniture and reduce scratches and damages made to your floor. An affordable chair cap option is our glide cap with stipples. Contact with the floor is minimal compared to standard flat-mounted glides and only 10% of the stipple glides touch the actual floor, reducing sliding and scratching. They are also designed to reduce the amount of dirt and grime accumulated by the chair. Our selection includes a variety of replacement glides and felt glides that will help you take care of your floors and furniture with ease. These chair glide caps and covers exceed expectations for quality and consistency for protecting your floors. Shop our collection today!

    Snap-N-Loc® with SuperFelt® for Chair Tips

    Part # G2027
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    Glide Cap with SuperFelt® for Chair Tips

    Part # G2004
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    Glide Cap with Felt for Chair Tips - Deep Profile

    Part # G2004XL
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    Glide Cap with Stipples for Chair Tips

    Part # G2003
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    Glide Cap with Stipple for Chair Tips – Color: Black

    Part # G2003B
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    Glide Cap with White Felt for Chair Tips

    Part # H2004
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