New Item Spotlight: Peel-n-Stick Furniture Sliders

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It’s winter. It’s cold outside. You’re stuck staying indoors a lot. That’s when we tend to catch the re-decorating bug. It’s easy to move pictures around or accents on tabletops, but not so easy to move furniture, at least without scratching a floor, stubbing a toe or twisting a back.

LCS Products has a new “Quick Fix” product that offers a better way to move furniture over a variety of surfaces. Peel-n-Stick furniture sliders can be used on chairs, end tables, desks and a variety of other small furniture items and electric appliances.

These furniture sliders are an easy way to move cumbersome furniture when redecorating or simply cleaning. Objects will glide with ease. Peel-n-Stick sliders work on carpeted surfaces, ceramic tiles, laminated floors and others. They also provide the benefit of lowered friction, which can help you to move things by yourself, without likely getting injured.

Peel-n-Stick sliders are super affordable and come in two neutral colors – brown or white – and feature a super strong adhesive backing to provide a lasting hold where affixed.

Check them out on our website at or call our offices at 561-775-2122 and speak with one of our topnotch customer service representatives today.

It doesn’t get easier than Peel-n-Stick!