Hide and Seek - How to hide those ugly screws

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Hide and Seek - How to hide those ugly screws and make your projects to look professional!

Ever wonder how to cover those ugly screws? Well, we have an amazing answer for you. With our NEW Hide-a-Screw Cap cover, the screw will disappear. Each order comes as a complete kit.

The kit includes 12 caps, 12 bases, 12 anchors & 12 #8 x 1” self-threading screws (use a 1/8" drill bit)

Everything you need, ready for installation.   All caps are made from polypropylene and all metallic finishes are vacuum plated. The caps are even UV stabilized for outdoor usage (does not apply to metal caps).

Hida-a-Screw Cap Cover Kit

Many colors are available to match your needs. We currently stock White/Black/Brown/Light Gray.   If you need another color, please call our office for price quote (561-775-2122)

Hide-a-Screw Color Pallet

We can make many additional colors for your needs.

If you would like to order this product, please click on the link: Hide-a-Screw Cap Covers (HSCC-BRN).