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Installing a brand-new floor, especially for larger spaces, can be extremely costly. But as scratches and dents accumulate over the years, there comes a point when it becomes necessary to opt for new flooring. But what if there were a way you could easily prevent those wince-worthy scratches and extend the lifetime of your floors? There is! Chair leg caps can save you time and money in the long run and keep your floors looking new and clean for years to come! You would hope that your staff would refrain from dragging tables together in the middle of a busy dinner night at your restaurant. But that isn't always the case. You might have a rule that your students are not allowed to push their chairs or desks across the floor when it's time to work as a group. But they might forget and those chairs and desks tend to be heavy. We like to think that if a group is using a conference room, they won't drag a table across the floor. But in the moment, time is money, and we do things as fast as we can. Opting for chair leg caps could save you all the hassle of dealing with scratches! Keep reading to find out how they can protect your floors and make your life easier.


You may have previously bought those small disposable leg caps for your furniture. They come in felt or plastic circles that are designed to save your floors from scratches and gouges. But they don't always work. The plain felt circles tend to wear down quickly and begin to stick out on the sides, making a beautiful leg of furniture seem ugly and less expensive. The plastic ones won't work if the legs of your furniture have any sort of angle. And still, they can create an unattractive aesthetic in your home, school or business. They are also choking hazards for small children if they pop off and go unnoticed.
But there is a new wave of chair leg caps that are both practical and efficient. They come in all colors, materials, shapes, and sizes so that you won't find them under the table and they won't take away from the look of your furniture: our variety of products makes it easy to accommodate all types, and with screw-in and snap-lock options, they won't be slipping off.


Maybe you've made the decision to cap all the legs of your furniture. This will stop you from incurring future scratches on the floors of your home or place of business. But what should you do about the scratches that happened BEFORE you capped all your furniture legs? Wood floors are the most susceptible to scratches. Check out some ways to get rid of the damage that's been done already on your wood floors.

1. A scratch might seem like an eyesore, but it might not be that hard to get out. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of elbow grease combined with some fine sandpaper. Make sure you sand the scratch in the direction of the grain. You'll have to reapply stain or paint in that area so make sure you first spot test somewhere that doesn't get as much foot traffic or attention so that you make sure the color matches.

2. Coconut oil is a great way to minimize scratch marks incurred on unfinished floors. You can apply a thin coat and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then buff it out for a refined look. Walnuts are also an excellent medium for repairing and enhancing the look for worn wood. You can warm up the oils of the nut in your hand by rubbing it around and then rub into scratched or worn areas of the floor by using small circular motions.

3. Sometimes a scratch looks much worse because it's reached a deeper layer of wood that doesn't contain the paint or stain that is on the rest of the floor. By coloring in the scratch with the same stain or paint, you'll reduce the severity of the look of the scratch.

4. If the scratch is deep enough, your best bet might be to use wood filler. Make sure you use a plastic knife to apply it so that you don't incur any additional scratches in the process.

5. If your floor has incurred a lot of scratches over years of use, it might be time to refinish it. This would be the perfect time to also cover all the legs of your furniture. It's the perfect method of protection.  And if you've just refinished, it's the perfect way to start fresh and make your floors last longer this time.


It may be tempting to spend less money on the throw-away leg caps but having to buy them and reapply them over and over can be a hassle. Even though many schools and classrooms use tennis balls on furniture legs to protect their floors, it can actually be quite dangerous.

What Kind of Chair Leg Caps Should You Go For? If you've decided to make a tiny investment in chair leg caps to protect your floors from now on, you've made the first important step. Deciding which ones to purchase depends on the type and style of furniture. Many people purchase different caps for the different types of furniture that they have.


You don’t have to decide by yourself. We can help. Contact our chair caps experts today so that we can help you decide what's best for the furniture in your school, home or place of business. Need immediate help? Call us now at (561) 775-2122.